Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Building Plans

If you live on a reasonable size block of land, it is possible for you to have some chickens in your backyard. In many ways, having some chickens roaming in your backyard is a great resource. First, you will have a steady flow of fresh eggs for your kitchen. Second, you will have a satisfying hobby that is both therapeutic and economical.

Before you get carried away with the benefits of some chickens roaming in your backyard, it is important to consider how you are going to protect your chickens from vermin and the weather.

To keep your chickens safe and laying eggs, you will need to provide a warm and clean shelter that is easy to construct and easy to move around if necessary.

It is best to build a chicken coop that is robust and durable. A well-made chicken coop will give you years of service for your chickens. Your chickens will appreciate a coop that provides them with all the comforts of home. Furthermore, it will make your task of collecting eggs and cleaning the coop enjoyable.

Chicken Coop Plans

The best ways to begin the process of building a chicken coop is to consider a set of plans. I always remember some good advice given to me by my grandfather (he was a builder by trade). He always said that you should never build anything without a set of plans. With that advice, I would encourage you to search for some chicken coop building plans that would suit your situation.

I have purchased both of the following Chicken Coop Building Plans from the internet Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene and Chicken Coop Guides by John White.

Why Purchase Chicken Coop Plans?

There are two reasons why you should choose to purchase chicken coop building plans.

The first reason is that these designed plans will save you time. The step-by-step instructions will show you the whole process of building the chicken coop from beginning to end.

The second reason is that these designed plans will save you money. These plans will give you the right information you will need in order to select all the materials you will need to complete your chicken coop.

What Do These Chicken Coop Plans Provide?

There are several benefits from purchasing designed chicken coop plans.

These plans provide easy to follow diagrams with the exact dimensions and materials, several designs which will help you choose the right chicken coop for your situation and simple tips on how to select the right building site for your chicken house.

Also these plans provide designs to extend your coop with a free-range style enclosure, tips on how to clean your chicken coop with ease, tips for making nesting boxes with the right materials and much more.

Different Sizes For Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop Plans

These designed plans will provide you with three different size chicken coops.

There is the small chicken coop. This designed chicken coop is robust and moveable and is mainly for those with smaller backyards.

There is the mid-size chicken coop. This designed chicken coop is for the bigger backyard and usually this coop is a permanent structure.

There is also the large designed chicken coop. With the mid-size and large chicken coop designs, you can add a chicken run.

Other Important Information Provided

When you purchase Chicken Coop Plans, you will usually get other important information relating to raising chickens in your backyard.

You will get information that will help you consider the chores you must do to keep your chicken healthy, happy and laying eggs. Other information will help you consider some steps in order to protect your chickens from vermin.

This information will also help you consider foods that are harmful to the health of your chickens and two most common health problems with chickens and the solutions to cure them. All of this information will help you raise healthy, egg-laying chickens.

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Guides

Chicken Coop Plans