Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans

Are you thinking about raising your very own chickens in your backyard? In many ways, it is a good idea for there are several benefits to raising chickens.

The main benefit of raising your own chickens is that you will have a steady supply of fresh eggs for your breakfast table. A healthy chook can produce up to five eggs every week. If you have three or four hens, then you could produce a dozen or so eggs every week.

Another benefit is that your chickens produce organic fertilizer which can be used in your vegie garden. Your garden will thrive with chicken manure as a stable fertilizer.

There are a variety of benefits with having chickens in your backyard. However, there are also responsibilities. You will need to provide a clean, safe and comfortable chicken coop for your chickens in order to protect them from rodents and the weather. Having a well built and comfortable chicken coop will keep your chicken healthy as well as making it easier for you to collect the eggs and to feed and water your hens.

Chicken Coop Plans

With all that said, the best way to construct your own chicken coop is to source professionally designed chicken coop building plans. As my builder grandfather always said that you should never build anything unless you have a great set of plans. You know that is good advice.

You can now purchase professionally designed chicken coop plans on the internet for a reasonable price. I have purchased both of the following sets of chicken coop plans and found them to be very useful – How To Build a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene and Chicken Coop Guide by John White. These two sets of plans come with several designs that will suit most people’s needs.

Chicken Coop Plans Will Save You Time And Money!

Most people want to experience the rewards of building their own chicken coop. So a set of chicken coop building plans will help you save time and money.

Chicken coop plans will save you time because the plans provide all the information you will need to build your chicken coop from beginning to the very end. Plans will take away all the guess work and therefore you will avoid making time consuming mistakes.

Chicken coop plans will save you money because the plans provide a list of materials and all the detailed requirements so that you can construct your hen house from start to finish by avoiding those costly mistakes.

The small amount you layout for the plans will help you save big time in the long run.

Chicken Coop Plans Come In Different Sizes and Designs!

There are several benefits from purchasing designed chicken coop plans.

Chicken Coop Plans

There are three different sizes when it comes to chicken coops. There is a small chicken coop, a medium-size chicken coop and a large-size chicken coop. The medium-size and large-size chicken coops can also have a free range enclosure attached to them.

Within these three different sizes, there are several designs for you to choose from. Your chose will more than likely be based upon how many chickens you want to raise in your backyard and what space is available in your backyard.

Once you have taken all of this into consideration, you can then choose which chicken coop will best suit your backyard situation.

Small Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop Plans

A small chicken coop is usually suitable for raising three or four chickens. The design is usually very simple and it is usually not too difficult to build as a beginner.

A small chicken coop usually has two nesting areas. The nesting area is generally off the ground while the outside is wire mesh in order to protect the chickens from predators.

Medium-Size Chicken Coop

The medium-size chicken coop is much more organised and takes more effort to build. There are more nesting areas. The medium-size chicken coop is designed to take twice as many chickens as a small coop. You can have between eight and twelve chickens.

Small and medium-size chicken coops can be made as portable chicken coops.

Large-Size Chicken Coops

There is also the large designed chicken coop. With the mid-size and large chicken coop designs, you can add a chicken run.

The large-size chicken coop will support a large number of chickens – around twenty or so. You can also add a free range enclosure to the large-size chicken coop. Again a large-size chicken coop will involve more materials and more effort to construct.

With all this in mind, all you need to do is purchase a set of chicken coop plans, choose which plans suit your situation and begin the task of making your own chicken coop. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken Coop Guides

Chicken Coop Plans