Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners provide some ideas for novice photographers so that you can take great, creative photographs. These digital photography tips are simplistic and will save you time and money when it comes to taking great photographs.

Digital Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

When I first started digital photography, I wish now someone gave me some digital photography tips. I would have saved a lot of time and money.

1. Understand the equipment before you buy it!

This is the NUMBER ONE digital photography tip for beginners.

You definitely need a basic understanding of the equipment, otherwise you will buy stuff that you will probably seldom use.

2. Understand lenses and how they affect depth of field!

Before you purchase expensive lenses, you will need to grasp this important element in photography. Understanding depth of field will help you purchase the right lenses for your photographic experience.

Take advantage of the free resources available on the internet to learn more about depth of field. You will save money on lenses when you grasp this important element in photography.

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Shallow depth of field is great for portraits and close-ups; whereas, large depth of field is ideal for landscapes.

3. Learn all about your digital camera.

When I purchased my digital camera, I also purchased the multimedia workshop which included an instructional DVD for the camera and a DVD on how to take great photographs with your digital camera.

4. Learn the basic settings of your digital camera.

If you are half serious about photography, you need to learn your digital camera settings.

It is important that you step beyond using AUTO on your camera settings. To shoot creative and great photographs, you will need to learn how to change aperture settings, shutter-speed settings, white-balance settings and other exposure mode settings.

The best way to learn how to manipulate these settings is practice. Just go and take photographs and adjust the settings to see how the photographs turn out.

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

5. Learn the basic principles of composition.

The most common principle for photographic composition is the Rule of Thirds.

Photographic composition involves other principles also. Use these principles and you will take creative and great photographs.

6. Enjoy the experience.

I took up photography to enjoy the experience of creating great photographs.

Hopefully, Digital Photography Tips For Beginners will help you enjoy the experience!

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