Free Funeral Sermons For Non-Christians

If you are involved in pastoral ministry, then you can expect to be asked to officiate at funerals. You can also assume that many of those funerals will come unexpectedly. Furthermore, a proportion of those funerals will be for non-Christians.

After more than twenty years in ministry, I have been asked to officiate at many funerals and an equal proportion of those funerals have been for non-Christians.

When it comes to the preaching ministry, you generally allow yourself time to prepare. However, as I said before, funerals can be unexpected and time can be limited. There have been times when I have been asked to take funeral services with only one or two days to prepare.

If you know the deceased person and their grieving family, then your preparation and the service preparation can come together with relative ease. However, if you don’t know the deceased person and family, then you will need to work quickly to prepare yourself and the service.

Funeral Sermon Resources

Free Funeral Sermons For Non-Christians

Whether the funeral is for a Christian or a non-Christian, I always visit the family as soon as possible and I get them to fill out a form which details all the information I need to know in order to prepare for the funeral service. This form I have tweaked over the years in order to get the right information I need.

I have also accumulated numerous resources to help me put together funeral sermons and funeral services that are sensitive and well received. As you will find out, there are no secret formulas for putting together funeral sermons or funeral services. You are unique and your uniqueness will shape how you present yourself and your duties at the funeral service.

Therefore, you will need to compile resources and then develop your material to suit your unique style and personality. You cannot take someone’s sermon and preach it word for word. However, you can take someone’s sermon and service outline and you can peruse it for its strengths and weaknesses in presentation and format. What works for someone else may not work for you.

Free Funeral Sermons For Non-Christians

Free Funeral Sermons

When it comes to funeral sermons and funeral services, I usually like to weave a message throughout the whole service. I have made two funeral sermons available which follow this format.

One of these funeral sermons is for a non-Christian. The family asked me to officiate at their mother’s funeral with the request of presenting the message around their mother’s favourite poem.

As you read this sermon, you can peruse it for its strengths and weaknesses in presentation and format. It may give you some ideas for your preparation of your material for your funeral service.

One of these funeral sermons is for a Christian. I knew this person well before he died and he requested that I share his Christian faith with those who attended the funeral.

Funeral Sermon Outlines

Funeral Sermon Outlines

While I was at seminary, my professors gave me a collection of funeral sermons. I have never used any of those sermons word for word in a funeral service; however, those sermons have given me many ideas for putting together funeral sermons and funeral services that suit my style and personality.

Funeral Sermon Outlines is a resource which you can glean for ideas for funeral sermons and funeral services.

This resource will provide funeral sermon outlines, funeral notes and how to plan funeral services.

Funeral Memorial Poems

Funeral Memorial Poems

There are several segments in a funeral service where people can give a tribute, eulogy, reading or message. These segments are very helpful for family and mourners to say goodbye to their loved ones. The healing process can begin when people express their grief and feelings.

Funeral memorial poems are one way to express your grief and feelings.

This resource provides over 250 poems, quotations and readings for funerals and memorial services.

You also receive Bereavement For Beginners. This resource is a practical and comforting guide for the bereaved and those who wish to help them.

“Funerals are for the living. Although that may seem to be a statement of the obvious, it’s an important fact to remember in planning of a funeral. Nothing in the funeral will bring the deceased back to life or make grief disappear. What the funeral or memorial service can do, however, is allow mourners to begin healing by sharing their loss, expressing their feelings and commemorating a unique and precious life” (Quote by Lucie Storrs from Bereavement For Beginners).

How To Write And Deliver A Great Eulogy

How To Write And Deliver A Great Eulogy

If you have been asked to give the eulogy, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of writing and delivering a touching and meaningful tribute.

As someone once said, “Without proper preparation, it is easy to drift off topic and lose the threads that connect our thoughts together.” Putting your thoughts together in a proper structure will give you purpose and direction when delivering the eulogy and most of all it will stop you ramble. That is distressing for everyone involved – both speaker and hearers.

This resource will show you how to put together a great eulogy and also it will help you in the delivery of your eulogy.

The Minister's Funeral Handbook

The Minister's Funeral Handbook

Young pastors may quake at the prospect of ministering to a bereaved family. Even long-time ministers may cringe when they consider the danger of saying the wrong thing at a funeral.

How do you tell a family that a loved one has died? What do you do to help the family grief? How do you handle awkward family situations? Should the casket be closed? What is the customary at the graveside?

This guide distils the twenty-five years of experience of Robert Blair, who, as pastor of the Church of Christ in Hollywood, has cared for people and participated in hundreds of funerals in one of the world’s most culturally diverse areas.

Included here are model eulogies, appropriate songs and poems and an index of sermon texts.

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