Free Topical Sermons

Free Topical Sermons

Free Topical Sermons are a growing collection of topical sermons from the Bible. Topical sermons are usually constructed from a biblical principle or truth.

Free Topical Sermons

Free Topical Sermons

A topical sermons is a message that is constructed from a bibical truth or principle. For instance, you may want to preach a sermon on forgiveness or you may want to preach a sermon on the grace of God.

A topical sermon allows you to expand and explain the biblical topic that you wish to bring to your congregation. Regardless of the biblical topic, you still need to construct your sermon in a way that it is easy to explain to your people. It needs to have cohesion and sequence.

A topical sermons needs a main preaching point and subpoints. The main preaching point is the topic of your topical sermon. The subpoints expand and explain your main preaching point or topic.

Putting your sermon together from this perspective is not that difficult. For example, you want to preach a topical sermon from 2 Timothy 3:1-9 about the Last Days. This passage of Scripture looks at the characteristics of the Last Days. There is your topic - characteristic of the Last Days. Your subpoint would be moral decay, people decay and truth decay.

Your topical sermon would look something like this:

There are three characteristic of the Last Days. They are:

  1. Moral Decay (3:2-4)

    1. It is due to a misplaced love (3:2)
    2. It is due to a misplaced focus (3:3-4)

  2. People Decay (3:5)
  3. Truth Decay (3:6-9)

    1. People leading people away from the truth (3:6-7)
    2. People opposing the truth (3:8)

The most important aspect of a topical sermon is that your sermon expands and explains your main preaching point or topic. In the sermon above, the subpoints expand and explain the characteristics of the Last Days.

Of course, you will need to put content to your sermon subpoints and incidental points. Also, you will need to write an introduction and conclusion. It is best to write an introduction and conclusion once you have your sermon content completed.

Free Topical Sermons

Sermons on Faith: Sermons on Faith look at the topical of faith in Jesus Christ. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Sermons on Grace: Sermons on Grace is a topical sermon that looks at the Grace of God. It asks a very important question: Is the Grace of God Sufficient? Is the Grace of God sufficient to save me from my sin?

Sermons on Prayer: Sermons on Prayer look at the different types of prayer - adoration, confession, thankfulness and supplications. This sermon looks at prayer from a different perspective - prayer as change!

Sermons on Repentance: Sermons on Repentance look at the forgotten message of repentance. Biblical repentance is turning from sin to faith in Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life.

Sermons on the Last Days: Sermons on the Last Days expand and explain a passage of Scripture from 2 Timothy 3:1-9, which looks at the changing nature of our world.

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