How To Build a Chicken Coop

Build a Chicken Coop

You are thinking about building a chicken coop for your chickens. Here are several tips for your consideration.

These tips will give you a bigger picture of what is involved in building a chicken coop that is right for your situation, your backyard and your budget.

1. Seriously Consider Pre-Designed Plans

My grandfather always said that you never build anything without a set of plans – He was a builder of course. Nevertheless, this is good advice because pre-designed plans will give you an overview of what your chicken coop will look like with step-by-step instructions that will help you avoid costly structural mistake.

With pre-designed plans, there is no guess work. All the information you will need will be provided. This will eventually save you time and money.

2. Relax and Take Your Time

With a building background myself, I would urge you to relax and take your time. All building projects have unforseen obstacles. Take your time and work them out and you will save time and money. If you do make a mistake with materials, see if you can use the material in some other part of the construction process.

3. Consider Recycled Material When Possible

I have a friend who is a cabinet maker and he keeps everything that comes his way. It is marvellous what he recycles – this saves wasting material and it saves on expenses.

Tips on How to Build a Chicken Coop

You may even have some of the materials already just lying around your home. Take some time and look around your home and you may be surprised what you will find that will help out in the construction of your chicken coop.

You also may have a second hand supplier in your local area. It is worth checking out because you may be able to save small amounts of money on different materials.

4. Pre-Plan Size and Position

It is important to know what is the best size and position for your chicken coop. Do you need a small, medium or large chicken coop? Size and position are relative because if you have a small backyard, then you will need to consider a small coop.

If you are considering a small chicken coop, then there are several designs you can choose from – for example, you can choose a fixed chicken coop or a movable chicken coop with either wheels or simple handles for removable.

If you are considering a medium or large chicken coop, then there are several designs that you can chooose from also - you may want to attach a free range area to give your chicken extra space.

Can you see why it is important to take some time to pre-plan size and position?

5. Build Warm Nesting Boxes

When it comes to building nesting boxes, you should keep in mind that this area needs to be warm and dry – nesting boxes are an important part of the construction of a chicken coop – don’t be slack when it comes to nesting boxes.

You can also line the nesting boxes with material to keep them warm and dry. This will help keep the eggs clean and it will help reduce the chances of cracking the eggs during the nesting process.

6. Make it Easy to Clean and Maintain

This is an area of construction that needs some time and thought – cleaning and maintaining your backyard chicken coop is very important if you want your chickens to appreciate their chicken coop and produce the eggs for your kitchen table.

How To Build a Chicken Coop

Some pre-planning in this area will make a considerable difference to keeping and maintaining a clean chicken coop for you chooks.

A well-maintained chicken coop will be benifical for everyone.

7. Make Room for Roosting Space

Chooks usually enjoy roosting and therefore it is necessary to provide space for them to roost. Roosting poles are the usually way to go for medium to large size chicken coops.

8. Concluding Comments

I always find that if I take my time and pre-plan my building projects, I usually finish the project with great satisfaction. As I said before, building projects always have unforseen obstacles. That’s why I pre-plan and that why I never construct anything without a set of pre-designed plans. It’s worth your consideration to check out pre-designed chicken coop building plans. It will save you time and money. Enjoy your experience!

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