How To Start A Website And Make Money

How To Start A Website And Make Money

How To Start A Website And Make Money looks at the basic steps in creating money making websites.

How To Start A Website And Make Money

You want to work from home and make money from the internet! Is it possible? Absolutely yes!

Over several years, I have learned much about creating websites and monetizing them. Here are some steps to starting a website and monetizing it.

1. Website Resources

How To Start A Website And Make Money

Web Hosting is essential. You cannot upload your websites without web hosting.

I use bluehost for web hosting. It is reasonably priced and allows for multiply domains on the one account.

All web hosting sites have their good and bad points. Just pick one and start uploading your websites.

Website Builder is essential! If you are dinkum about making money online from websites, then you need to purchase a good website builder. I have used Adobe Dreamweaver right from the beginning. It is one of the best around.

Don't muck around with the freebies - they are just too frustrating to use. Learn to use one of the best and master it.

Keyword Research Tool is essential! Starting websites and monetizing them requires keyword research. You may as well buy one from the beginning because the freebies are too time consuming. I used Keyword Elite 2.0.

There are good and bad points about Keyword Elite 2.0 but overall I have found it a helpful keyword research tool.

The only other tool I have purchased is Adobe Photoshop. It is not necessary due to the great freebies available; however, it is a great tool for creating headers and editing your pics.

2. Website Templates

How To Start A Website And Make Money

Once you have your web hosting and web builder, you will need to design a web page template for your website.

I have designed a simple web page template and it is FREE. You can see a live version by clicking on Free Webpage Templates.

Once you have mastered your website builder and understand web page design, you may want to design your own web pages. However, for newbies it is about starting a website and monetizing it.

If you want a free squeeze page template or free sales page template, you can click on the links and download them.

3. Website Content

The internet is about information. To start a website, you simply need to put information on a website. If your passion is real estate, start a real estate website.

You may call your website - tips for buying and selling real estate. Find specific keywords and structure your webpage around those keywords.

4. Website Monetization

Once you have your website completed, you will need to monetize it. You can monetize it with Google Adsense or Affiliate products.

Google Adsense is free to join and easy to set up.

Affiliate products can be ebooks, amazon products, etc. You may want to sell your own products. Paypal helps in this area. It is free to join and easy to set up.

5. Website Traffic

The biggest challenge is getting traffic to your website. I used article marketing, search engine optimization, facebook and twitter. Of course, there are other methods of driving traffic to your websites. However, I have chosen to major in the four stated above.

Learn more about website traffic by clicking on increase website traffic ideas.

There is much more to learn but the best way to learn to trial and error. Get started...stick to it...and enjoy the rewards!

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