Inskip Point Camping Grounds

Inskip Point Camping Grounds

Inskip Point Camping Grounds are only a short distance from Rainbow Beach. These camping grounds are found opposite the southern tip of Fraser Island. The Great Sand Strait is on the western side of Inskip Point and the Pacific Ocean is on the eastern side of Inskip Point. These camping grounds are nature-based recreational areas and of course are open for your enjoyment.

There are numerous spots for camping on Inskip Point. Having said that, the camping areas are split into four spots. MV Sarawak is on the far end of Inskip Point. This spot is open camping with partial 2WD access. 4WD is advisable. Sites for small caravans and camper trailers are restricted. SS Dorrigo is the first camping area when entering Inskip Point. It is an open camping spot with limited 2WD access. 4WD is suggested. In between these two areas, you will find MV Natone and MV Beagle. These spots are open camping areas with only 4WD access. All these camping areas are occupied on "first in, best placed" basis. You cannot set aside spots by roping off areas.

Inskip Point Camping Grounds are nature-based recreational areas. To maintain these camping spots, the camper needs to adhere to certain policies. These policies involve no camping on the fore dunes, no littering (you will find that refuse bins are made available at most of the camping areas), no emptying of content of portable loos, no tying ropes to the surrounding trees (it is essential that you use sand pegs at all times when securing your tents) and you will need to secure your dog or dogs. In other words, don't let your dog roam. Your dog needs to be on a lead.

Looking after the camping areas on Inskip Point is in the best interest of all campers. In fact, you ought to make it a top priority to minimise the disturbance of this fragile area and its wildlife. In doing so, you will protect this beautiful part of the world for years to come so that campers can continue to enjoy this spot.

There are a number of essentials you will need to bring with you when you camp at Inskip Point. Freshwater is available on Clarkson Drive. All you need to do is bring some containers. When it comes to cooking, fuel stoves are consider the best way to go. They are eco friendly. You may want to have a camp fire. You will need to bring milled timber. However, you will need to make sure if you can have an open fire.

Are caravans and camper trailers suitable for camping at Inskip Point? It seems that there are a variety of sites for caravans and camper trailers on both sides of the road. You will see these sites on both sides of the road as you travel toward the Fraser Ferry point. If you enjoy the advantages of home, you will need to bring a generator. The generator however will need to be a small low dB generator up to 2.0 Kva. Keeping noise to a minimum is in the best interest of all campers and you will need to turn off your generator by 9:00pm.

Camping permits must be purchased prior to arrival and the permit tag must be exhibited at your camp site. You can book on the internet, by telephone (13 74 68) or you can book over the counter at Fraser Island Fuels, Shell Service Station, 36 Rainbow Beach Road from 6am to 6pm. You can book over the counter at Manta Ray Barges, 66 Rainbow Beach Road between 6am and 4pm or Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, Rainbow Beach Road between 8am and 5:30pm or Rainbow Beach Tourist Information, 8 Rainbow Beach Road between 7:00am and 5:30pm.

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